About Us

Our Team

We all have had Corvette’s for over 25 years.

Scott was a Mechanic and Service Technician on all kinds of Electronics and Heating and Air. His background in Electronics lead him to being an IT Professional.

John is a Highly Experienced Aviation Mechanic on both Airplanes and Helicopters.

Terry is retired Military and after the Military he and his brother owned a Nascar Racing Team were he used to build racecars.

We met each other a few years back because we had all joined the Just For Corvette’s Corvette Club in Sacramento California, and became Best Friends. We loved helping people out with Corvettes, people would tell us we should do a YouTube channel to help people so we started THE CORVETTE CHANNEL on YouTube in October of 2018 to show people how to do the work themselves to save money. Over time our viewers started asking us if we would do the work for them.

So here we are today….